Launching a Business?

Offer Pre-launch Pricing & Gratificaiton to Early Customers who Believe in Your Concept.
Get Funded by Early Adopters, Innovation Enthusiasts & Creativity Backers.

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Chase Customers, Not Investors

In the early stages, your business needs customers, not investors. Achieve early sales and traction goals without compromising equity or management control.

Gain Traction with Gamification

Fund product development & innovation with early traction campaigns that feature limited quantity pre-launch pricing, progress bars to show urgency, leaderboards to fuel competition & rewards to express gratification.

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Product feature

Access Traction Marketing Tools & Services

Ensure success with digital marketing tools & services. Email personal contacts, or order campaign & collateral creation, social media marketing services.

Get the Right Valuation

Grab investor attention with proven traction. Get the right valuation for your business. Get funded at the right time & on right terms.

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